Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Just got back from pressing a sample placemat (haven't heard back about colors yet, yi!), and stopped on an impulse at a new place in the same little mall. A new place decidedly interested in carrying EMG stuff. *grin* Gave her my web address, told her I'd bring samples by.

Found a skookum - seriously skookum - new way to display cards. Very happy with that.

Got another order to fill! And they mentioned that I ought to accept Paypal, so I *really* need to get moving on the webpage shopping cart/option conversion thingy that I want to do. Would save me much time and effort and transaction fees, and I'm all for making it easier to send me money. Also really need to implement the non-static product/subject pages. In a bad way.

So! I am off to print stuff.

(Oh, and I spent money! Bad me! I got a $6 silver ring with a moonstone and blueberry lip gloss.)
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