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Dang! I made honorable mention in the Golden Wolf awards for best artist! Did I even *do* any EQ art this last year? I'm such a slacker... I gotta scan in that ink sketch I managed of Lovemaker last week. And do more elf art. :) I kind of got sucked into doing PA art for a good long while there in my fun time 'cause we wanted to open with some kind of database of portraits. There are a couple I'd like to pull down now that we're getting a variety of better work from more artists.

Speaking of, Staff Man is up. I'm concerned he is a little expensive, but I spent a whole lotta hours on him, so I wasn't really willing to discount any further. So there. Gotta ton of back-end PA stuff to do this weekend. To say nothing of artist management for the EMG storefront. And orders. Should write a to-do list before I forget stuff...


~Orders (2 3 big ones)
~Placemats custom job
~Write to artists re: new sig page policy, haven't forgotten them, blah blah...
~Get new work up (gahh...)
~rework menu to include search links! Get rid of static product/subject pages. Work on drop-downs


~Webadopt CCNow codes
~codes and pricing for product bonuses ASAP
~Finish #31 rework!


~Deep Woods Band logo, invoice
~Wendy's rework
~clean bedroom and drafting table
~Christmas presents...

I also want to say that I'm really sucking more than usual at answering comments and commenting on other peoples entries, and I'm horribly sorry. It's not that I don't love you, honest. :)

I'm wearing my new glasses! They are pretty and super, super light, so I'm very happy. They sprang for the anti-scratch coating and the super thin lenses (still very thick, but less thick than my last glasses!), and they are the memory metal kind that you can twist into pretzels. I think I got a good deal. *grin* I'll post a picture of the logo when I remember to.

Still feeling a bit mangled this morning, but my mobility is much better.

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