Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I promise not to be whiney today. :) My back feels so much better today. Still going to get adjusted, though... it's been a while and it doesn't feel as good as it can.

I could have gotten the big print job out last night, if I'd gone to the late post office, but the client said a few days leeway was no problem, and this way I got to ice my back for a while and will look at the most recent prints with fresh eyes and brain before I pack them. I have this afternoon off, so it won't be a problem to wrap them up, box them in popcorn and get them out. Hopefully my transfers will get here this morning so I can get that project out in good order, too. If not, print Wish3! Even if they do get here, I should have time to print out a good few covers. Gotta figure out how to trim the damn things now...

Oh! I think I've finally finished Staff Man! Woot! I'll scan this afternoon. Next on the list is to finish the minor inking in the background of #31 and post the color version. Need to decide if it becomes a new entry (I think so) or just gets replaced. I'm really, really happy with Staff Man.

Much to do this morning...

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