Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Articles and backs and stuff...

It amazes me how much *junk* I can write about. I don't mean here (though I do seem to specialize in minute by minute nonsense about nothing here...), but for articles. I keep expecting to run dry of ideas... I mean, I'd think I'd run out of topics I know stuff about. I'm shameless about not researching articles; if I can't write it off the top of my head, I don't write it, 'cause I don't have time (though I occasionally double-check my memory.). Today, in a fit of... something... I started another Woodworks article. And I still have to finish the stitching article up with images. I'd swear I made some, but now I have no idea where they went. Anyway, that's a lot of articles out of the old noodle! I'm also working on part two of the printing article for Epitome, and then I've promised them an article on money in the digital/international age.

Have an appointment to get cracked tomorrow at 3. Couple of hours of EMG, an alignment and then I'll go home and lie on icepacks for a while. Back hasn't behaved too badly today, so I'm not complaining too loudly. Going to meet Jake at the swimming pool and soak after work. Maybe do a lap or two with a kickboard. Then, finish the print order (almost done!!) and pack it up. It can go in the mailbox tomorrow. My 11 x 17 in transfer paper didn't come today, darn it, so I can't start my next big print order (not that I would tonight, but it is another semi-rush job).

Nearly the end of the work day! Yay!

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