Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The art cravings begin...

I will be so *glad* to have this job finished. Nice for EMG and all, but very demanding! Not the customer, he's *great*, just my own stupid sense of perfection and the fact that it is a whole lotta prints with fairly crummy other-life timing. Won't go out tonight... the print job I set up over lunch spat one stupid misprint out and jammed, and some of the prints from the morning job got splotches of ink on them during printing. I wrote him an email groveling. I am a professional groveller. I grovel with the best of them. Of course, I prefer not to have to grovel, but I'm just not that on top of things that I get things right all the time, and 'cause I attempt to do so much, I end up groveling a lot.

Little green lizards... I want to paint. In a baaaad way.

I have some inkwork I can do... maybe I'll do that while the printer smokes... (poor thing hasn't been off in three days, I think)

I still want to go home reasonably early tonight. Maybe I will. 'Cause I can. Maybe I can. Finish more of these prints and I can. *thinks happy thoughts at the printer* It works beautifully when I babysit it, fickle thing.

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