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Probably a record for the base word 'sucks' in a post by me...


The prints look beautiful. They'll be done by tonight. I'm not a screwup. I don't slack off too much. I'm not a horrible person. I haven't let everyone down. My housekeeping skills do not suck (maybe). I am not a terrible friend or sister or daughter. EMG is not going to fail because I'll be gone for two weeks. I am not a sucky writer. I am not a sucky artist. I am not a sucky anything. I can take pride in my accomplishments without being conceited. I am not stuck up.

Sometimes, I just need reminded, and waiting for comments and compliments is useless on so many levels, so I gotta remind myself. A single comment on an article I spent days on does not mean it sucks. No comments on articles or art that I spent days and months on do not mean they suck. Even if they did suck, I don't suck. I refuse to be an insecure, comment-grubbing, 'validate me!' whiner. At least, I refuse to admit it.

My mood right now sucks.

Maybe I need chocolate...

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