Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Slow, slow, slow printer... I've only gotten about 30 prints for about 6 hours of work. They look stunning, yes, but I wanted to get this order out tomorrow, and now I'm thinking that won't happen. I wrote an email with the new shipping eta and offered to send a partial order tomorrow morning. I'll leave a print job running when I leave today, too, and cross my fingers that none of the heads clog. Hate to, 'cause it's an expensive mistake when it happens, but it doesn't happen that often. It's far more likely that I'll come back and find all the paper fed through in one pass and is scattered across the floor. I can't wait to have my printer out at our house. I miss Jake today. :(

Another adoption! Woot!

I'm feeling all tired and unmotivated and gosh, like I didn't get much unwind time this weekend. ('Cause I didn't.) Mom may or may not be able to leave tomorrow; depends on the clot in her leg. I've been doing some fetch and entertain for them and now I'm 'watching' the nephews while Becca takes Dad to look at houses.

At least I didn't go to work.

Maybe I'll art for a while... argh. Don't have supplies. No pencil sharpener and only one pen...

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