Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Die, cartridge, die already!

I've never wanted an ink cartridge to run out before! Geez...

My black has been blinking warnings at me for a while now... a long while, and I keep expecting it to crap out, so I haven't gone to take a shower yet. Five 13 x 19s later, and I *know* that as soon as I leave, it's going to need replacing.

*shakes fist at printer*

Hurry up and run out already! It's already outlasted *three* color cartridges.

Had a lazy morning, gaming is cancelled, ought to be at work... no, ought not be at work, but they'd *like* me to be at work. Did dishes, straightened up a little. Came to the office and started more prints. I'd really like to get these out tomorrow, but I've got nearly 100 left to do. Could happen, if I keep it going all day. Which is why I don't want to go shower until I've changed the stupid black cartridge.

I made another impulse buy. *moderate guilt* I got a padding vice to do perfect binding with. Yeah! And some decent padding compound, and some 11 x 17 transfer paper, 'cause it sounds like I've got a print order lined up to use it all up.

Jennie found a spiffy new code that will enable me never to have to update product pages again. YAYAYAYAYAY! Now must find five minutes to actually implement it. Like this five minutes that I just wasted typing this. Heh.

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