Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Saturday, saturday...


Orders out, except one, and my printer's being hogged by the Big print services order and the designs I need aren't laid out anyway. *adds to the to-do list*

Found wonderful words of praise for the quality of my print service prints on a forum unexpectedly (with a link, which is how I found it through my site stats). *glows**floats*

Also dug up 'Golden Statues' and some Jenny-Bjorn shorts that are not terrible! Shall work on them, since I plan to be here until about 9:30 (Enterprise is on at 10, so I want to be home for that).

My paper came in (hence I am printing like a madwoman).

Spent some time with mom and dad and fetched them lunch. (Dad makes *me* look social, and he hates buying things, so I'm doing what I can) They're watching basketball right now, which I like almost as much as I like hockey. (IE: I'll watch it when I have to and I know most of the rules)

(I like paranthesis)
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