Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Battled with a migraine this morning and have pretty much got it cowering in a corner of my brain gnawing on a single optic nerve. Take that, you rotten head-parasite! Drinking coke now to finish the little bugger off.

Printed two more big prints this morning while showering, scanned in Staff Man progress (I got art time last night and completely reworked his body and cloak) and the Vacation Dragon, was half an hour late to work (big hairy deal) and am waiting for Mom to call back and let us know if she's allowed to go out to dinner with us. (With the clot in her leg, the doctor is saying she should stay off her feet and consider herself bedridden.) She's not responding well to the medicines, apparently. :(


She has to stay in, so we're getting Thai take-out to bring her.

Need to do some printing service work tonight. There's hockey, so Jake's entertained, but I kind of want to spend time with mom and dad while I can. (I kind of don't, in my very selfish must WORK and ART and PRINT way, but I know they won't be here for long.) I should bring over a DVD and my sketchwork. *sideways glance at orders...* UGH.

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