Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Four artists, footwear and friends

Four artists set up for submissions, several emails cleaned up, back down to under fifty in the inbox.

And I bought more cute footwear. I'm so bad!

I needed a pair of mid-weight boots in a bad way. I have some wintermocs, but they're no good for deep snow or below zero, and I have Bunny boots and Ice Kings for 50 below trekking, but nothing in between. So I got myself a pair of mid-calf, fur-trimmed, girly-beyond-belief and utterly my style boots. They were $40 off, too! I think Jake would've made me buy them regardless of sale. He insists I can buy pretty things that are comfortable and useful and says I'm not allowed to listen to the griping of my inner miser.

While I was there, I got slippers. Fuzzy black slippers with sparkly bits.

My feet will be so happy!!

I'm a little late with this mememe, and a little off the beaten path, too. Recommend to me a user that isn't on my friendslist! I'm positive I've missed people that I sort of know, or know most of the friends of, etc, and it's not 'cause I've decided they aren't worthy or anything. Really. It's just that I'm not paying good attention.

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