Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

9AM promptly - mail stickers

Print MS prints as if the paper were going to arrive tomorrow, because you never know! (still working on it... 41/195 done, going to be out of paper very, very shortly here...)

Print back of bkmks

Print second page of bkmks (and back)

Get reprints of coloring books and fill orders (dropped off, invoicing now)

Emails - finish? Like zero messages finish? *dream* Major dent made, at least.

LAUNDRY!! (gotta fold, and that's it.)

Scan: test scans at different settings. Theory, color scanning will do better, in part because Photoshop has more powerful image adjustment capabilities than scanner software and the color scans have more visual information. Sub-theory, the difference is basically indescernible. Sub-sub-theory - I don't spell as well as I think I do and have grown dependent on spell-check to figure out when I've guessed the right spelling. I feel dirty for missing a microsoft program... Verdict: color has slightly different output than grayscale, but the original was somewhere between them. Very minor difference.

Scan: Space hooters Even made the PA watermarked stuff for it.

Scan: Guy for WIP board Posted and everything.

Scan: color on PA #31 - finish inking some detail into the background. Felt unfinished.

Scan: logos, DWB - send invoice

Scan: little freebie

Pick up prescription (doh, didn't call it in... tomorrow, then)

cross-stitch contract

print.jpg for #18

Images for rotating PA graphic to Jennie

Welcome email and mail addresses for two new PA artists

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