Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Can't seem to wake up this morning. Should probably go drink more coffee, but that involves getting out of my chair. Pffff...

Still, managed to get images done for another portrait piece and upload them for Jennie to update. (Having a code monkey for that project rocks my socks...) Also did some mind-numbing drafting and answered one or two emails. Email's still being buggy; it was down when I first checked this morning, and a test email I sent from work appears to have vaporized...

Got to work on art yesterday, yay!! I thought I was finished with

But I really do need to clean up and darken that space background with some soft pencils, so I shall before I post it for adoption.

I finished inking the unicorn hatching piece (finally...) and worked more on a Guy for PA. (We desperately need men...) I also added color to PA # 31. Not on the background much, just on the figure. I'm so disgustingly slow with color. Crave tablet...

Oh look, my vaporized email from several hours ago just showed up!

I did something else this weekend... *thinks* Didn't I? Oh, taxes and such. I'd made an error, so I ended up re-calculating, and I made more than I thought I did (since I can't deduct payments to myself and they were auto-calculated into artists pay, not that I actually paid myself anyway...). So, maybe .02 an hour.

Mom and Dad are back in town, yay! I'll get to see them again, finally. They're only around for a few days, so I want to spend some time with them while I can.

PA continues to gain steam; both of Jennie's remaining pieces got snatched up yesterday. :) More of you folks need to join, darnit. And submit work to EMG while you still can!!

It's lunchtime.

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