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Ellen Million


Okay, in a fit of absolute vanity and capitalism, I have decided to put out a little chapbook with some of my own various short stories and art. I can give them to my relatives for Christmas, if nothing else.

The Tree Outside of Time



The Peacock Fairy (full color)*
Freedom (full color)
Tree Outside of Time (cover, full color wrap-around)
The Key of Renewal (b&w)
The Sleeping Bride/Immortality (b&w, just the left panel)*
Vines (b&w)
Guardian (from S&S-discontinued)
Huntress (from S&S-discontinued)
Tales from the Queen of the Night (from Dark Tales-discontinued)
(need two more full-color pieces... prefer portrait orientation...)


The Stone Foot*
Time Bubbles*
The Naked Wood


??? (maybe not...)

*Previously unpublished (different versions published in some cases... ie, crappy colored version of Sleeping Bride and bad quality photos of half-finished Peacock Fairy)

Anything that I should add that's just too 'me' to leave out? I plan to put out Torn World stuff separately, but older snowies that aren't consistent with their new look could fit in here... I should dig up that summer's work picture, maybe.

And you do know that anyone who got off their duff and put together such a collection for me would have very good chances of having me put it out for them too, right? (As long as it was the appropriate themes, ratings and level of polish.) I'm not Del Rey and it sure wouldn't make you rich, but I'm all for having a bunch of fun publications available and I think I can sell a handful of 'em!

Speaking of, I desperately need to get DH's gallery up finish putting DH's work up, Jennie's Climber, Lew's work and Vanessa's book. And Victoria's coloring book! Argh. It never ends.

I got some art time yesterday, at least. Sketched more on the PA piece with humungous gazongas. And wrote a little. Torn World stuff, mostly, the framework for a story that actually *explains* most of the Others and time crystals and such.

Didn't quite finish my taxes, but I *did* compile everything I need for them and get all my totals totalled.


EDIT (cause I didn't care to make a whole new post): I picked out new glasses yesterday. I nearly got the rimless kind, but the prescription in my right eye is so much stronger than my left that Jake and I decided they would look funny. So I got Flexon glasses, little round silvery, dragonfly blue ones that are so much prettier and better than my current ones it's not even funny.

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