Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Taxes and Eyeballs.

I sorted all my receipts into crinkly crooked piles that were too much for Velcro to resist sliding into, since I was working on the floor. I chased her away in good humor, and recorded almost all expenses. The rest need to be downloaded and printed (credit card statements, CCnow summary and PayPal summary for fees), and I need to add up gross sales and eyeball an inventory total subtracting what I've bought this year and adding what I've already sold. Then, I am basically done with taxes, after some multiplying by .9345 and subtracting this and standing on my head while whistling that (that's the easy part...).

I get to pick out new glasses today! Dr Deramus liked his logo, and got the Monday delivery, and I get to go in and... instead of collecting cash, which is all very well and good, I get a new pair of glasses! I have an expensive prescription and am getting new frames this time, so I think it will be a reasonable trade. And that means I can use my 'one corrective method per year' through insurance on a new pair of contacts. This pair has developed a teensy crack in one of 'em, and they're several years old now, so they're definitely due for replacing. They're super expensive, since my prescription is so fricking ridiculous and I have such a strong astigmatism. It was fairly humorous listening to him describe my eyeballs to a new assistant. When I first went to him, my retinas were so floppy and full of holes that they barely held together. Apparently, three surgeries later, they are so fused to the back of my eyeballs they'd have to be scraped up with a spoon. :P Hey, I can see, I'm happy.

Alright, meeting my sweetie for lunch! His grandpa died last night, so he needs some cheering up.

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