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Okay, I didn't actually go work on magnets and stickers after I posted last night; I spent most of the rest of the night helping Karen get her jpgs animated in Powerpoint for her PHD thesis. And then she got stuck in the driveway, and that took a couple of hours of extracting. My back feels urky today (thanks to being bad and pushing the car), and I feel like I didn't get enough sleep ('cause I didn't... it was late by the time the car was out). And because I didn't finish the magnets and stickers last night, I had to do them this morning during my 'lunch' break. Now safely delivered, with many nice compliments from the library staff. :)

Sold a large magnet order to a coworker this morning, too.

http://engine.freeshell.org/ is a very cool site! *prods the short story writers on flist*

Working out details for the submitting descriptions part of PA, which I think will be enormously popular and very susceptible to abuse.

Would very much like to be writing or drawing or working on EMG right now, but the floorplans I've been working on this week have All Changed, and I have to go fix them all.

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