Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I have hairsticks! Tons and tons of beautiful hairsticks! Whit said she was sending me some, and I was expecting a few, but WOW! I got a big double-handful of them, in pink and yellow and gold and silver with danglies and sparklies and beads and flowers and fuzzy things, some pairs, some either not or I just haven't dug through the pile to find their matches. I've got two in my hair now and some in my pen holder here at the office and I'm going to leave a big fistful at work 'cause that's where I'm always sticking pens in my hair. Yay!


Which makes up for losing the free cable channel we mysteriously got for about a month.

And my back doesn't hurt right now!

Printing prints now, and I've got a whole string of magnets and stickers here to cut out. Which I shall now go do!

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