Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mostly writing stuff...

*whew* Putting polishing touches on part 1 of the Making Stuff article. (Fortunately, they're running behind, so *I'm* not holding them up) Part 2 will be the fun stuff, already mostly written, but Part 1 is all about printers, different kinds of prints, and some printing techniques. I got to about 5000 words (recommended article length was 2k) and decided it definitely needed to be a two-parter. Part 1 is 2800 words right now.

Someone from Keller D&D called me for some vague reason yesterday and wanted me to return their long distance phonecall. Yah right. Word to the wise: don't ask me to pay for the pleasure of hearing your sales spiel. They didn't explain who they were, but their message (and the one that followed) shrieked 'telemarketer!' Web search didn't turn anything up on them.

Got some more products made for NP library last night, need to work on magnets and stickers tonight. And then more MS prints (loooots more) and order some paper.

I have Thursday off, and my sole goal for the day is to do my taxes. UGH. Hopefully, that won't take the whole day (though it might) and I can paint.

My exciting news of the day is... well, sort of exciting anyway, since it's still a *maybe*. *I* think it's exciting. I'm probably going to take November off of work and write my novel during NaNoWriMo. Jake was supportive of the idea (though it depends on finances and mostly the house, too, of course), which sort of surprised me and sort of didn't. I'll have a lot of EMG to do that month, too, being smack in the middle of Christmas rush, but at least I won't be attempting EMG, work AND a novel. I can do any two, I think. But all three just begs for burnout. 'Specially now that we've got PA up and running, too. (Yay!) Work won't be happy, me taking two full months of leave without pay this year.... but they know my priorities. They can deal. I'll pay my own insurance during those times... it's still buttloads cheaper than getting independent insurance!


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