Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Gimee a nap...

I’m ready for a nap!

Jake’s off to hockey, after helping me diagnose my car for a bit. (Battery blanket is kaput, and there’s an oil leak. I’m such a lame-o for not checking the oil earlier) It gets to stay dead in the garage overnight ‘cause Napa was already closed for the day and I didn’t really care to put the grille back on and replace the battery just to take it off/out once we’d bought the new heater.

Since the car is dead, I’m here until hockey’s over. Whee. Oh well, I’ll get a ton of printing done. My ink came in! I probably mentioned that already.

I’m ready for a nap.

I *know* I mentioned that already...

My tummy feels (as Catie would put it) ooky, and my back hurts a little and I’m so in the mood for a completely carefree cuddle on the couch with my cat and Firefly. But I’ve returned Firefly and the cat’s at home wondering where her dinner is and I have work to do and shan’t spend any more time complaining about it.

Print print print print print...

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