Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Whelp. Productive morning, got some contracts done and sorted about 20 submissions. (Yay!) Wrote snarky previous post. Worked on workstuff. Lalala...

Need to print stuff tonight. Posted new art at PA. Cheeeeap art, 'cause her neck's screwy and her mouth is weird and her hair isn't as nice as I'd like and her costume's boring. Still need to go build the payment pages for it. And eek, workstuff...

And more workstuff. Which is better than being bored, but not much, since I'm usually only bored for about... oh, three seconds... before I find something that I can do on EMG. Or writing. Or art. I'm the most easily entertained person Ever. A marble and a toilet paper tube can keep me busy for hours.

Our freezer is in!! We ordered a 7 cf Whirlpool thanks to Safeway's Stauffer's special thingy that gets us a free freezer thanks to eating lots of frozen food. Which, since we don't have a kitchen, is a great deal. Woot! We'll pick that up tonight, maybe.

We went out to dinner last night instead of me working on EMG. (Aw, shucks! *cries crocodile tears*) We split a gyro plate at the Athenian. Mm.... Really, really Mmmm... Worth playing business hookie. See? See? I'm good to myself! Really!

Now to work on the Making Stuff article. One thousand and three patented Ellen secrets in one easy-to-read place.

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