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I had one choice in bathing suits. One. Apparently, if you are a size 14 or smaller, you only wear bathing suits that are two pieces and made of dental floss. It goes directly from size 3 bikinis to size 26 Wide skirted fuscia things. Seriously. Okay, maybe not strictly literally, but I had exactly one choice in design. The size 8 fit but was too small in the boobs, but the size 10 was a decent body fit and cupped nicely. Every other one-piece design started at size 14. The one I got wasn't perfect, and not the style I might have chosen given choices, but not too bad. It's even relatively cute. And on sale!

I have answered about a zillion emails today. I want to get down to ONE inbox page. I'm at three now and was at six or seven this morning. Progress! Yay!

Mom and dad are coming home for a few days on the 29th! I've missed them terribly.

Ah CRAP, I forgot to email Socar when my email came back up about that article. I'm beee-hind! (done)

Down to two pages in the inbox!

Tonight, we go swimming, and then I work on EMG for an hour or so. Have a ton of orders to fill, yipes! I got some work on them done last night, and enough Wish3 covers to do 4 copies of each volume. I'd like to have 10 to send to Syl, though, along with her LE. Also got some cards laid out and printed for an order. Need to print mousepads and t-shirts tonight to press tomorrow. *nodnods*

Another exciting episode of As the Ellen Plots!

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