Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday is swimsuit day...

It's... Thursday already? Jeez.. I've got a lot to catch up on. I hope today will be relatively panic-free and I can get a bunch of artists contracted. I'm going to start making artists download and mail in their own signature pages; I'm so far behind on that it's not even funny, and it's so *easy* and seamless with portrait adoption! Having a second brain to squeeze on that project has made things much easier.

Okay, some requests for re-submissions, some acceptances and some rejections sent and some contracts finished. Yay! Still have a ton and a half let to do, but oh well... Progress is progress!

Going to buy a new swimsuit at lunch today; my old one has lost all it's stretch and sort of flaps around me when I swim like old lady skin. (Jake's lovely image...) It is many years old, and I swim fairly regularly. I suppose I'm allowed to go spend money on a new one. Maybe even a pretty one! OooOoo...

Alright, gotta go!
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