Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Afternoon report

Really wanted to get some new artists set up with contracts and logins today, but I'm pretty sure that won't be happening; The panic project of the morning is still lingering with us, and my bane, the airports, are also in full panic-mode.

And for heavens sake, YES, the mod's choices are repeating, how many posts do we need on the subject, and in how many inappropriate places? I wish they'd up and make elfwoodhelp already.


I need to sit down and give a good HARD look at wholesaling and what I want my policy to be on resale. I usually only get queries about it that never respond to the first email, but now I've got a couple of folks lined up with serious, long-term sorts of queries. So... do I want to allow online resale or keep EMG's underplayed 'exclusive' claim and only allow in-store resale? How do I want to price things, or set minimum purchases? Hmm...

I also am seriously overdue for some local business trawling. I know there are five or six shops that would love the stuff I have to offer, I just need to get a sample batch made and take it to them! In my copious free time.

I have dishes to do tonight. Whee. An hour of EMG (my ink still isn't here!) and then it's home to watch an hour of that 70s Show with my Sweetie, do some long overdue housework, and maybe draw a bit. Or go for a walk if it's light; my back feels a ton better today!

Oo! A Kaz RP...

*has the attention span of a gnat today...*

Ki System

Natal Year number: 6
With a strong sense of responsibility for her family and close friends, Ellen has a tendency to blame herself if anything should go wrong, even if it is clearly not her fault. She will work long and hard - perhaps too hard for her own good - and unless she is careful her life may lack the fun, humour and social activity that would force her to be more outward looking. This in turn makes her careful with money in the sense that she will apply funds only to those things that are of the utmost importance to her. She holds strong views from which she will not easily be moved.

Natal Month number: 2
Compassionate and supportive of others, Ellen is something of a perfectionist who will find it hard to delegate even routine tasks. Ellen is hard-working and good with details, but to get the best out of her, Ellen needs to know that in the end her efforts will be properly rewarded and acknowledged.


The rest wasn't so accurate.

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