Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesday ramble

Got the paperwork for two new artists for Portrait Adoption and set them up. Yay!

Had no ink, so I couldn't print anything on the good printer, but I was able to slap together nine font/logo options for Dr DeRamus last night and get them delivered to him this morning. The 'bad' printer really isn't so bad on good inkjet paper. Not print quality, but there aren't any gross dots and it doesn't look cheap.

Got payment yesterday for a print service I'd all but given up on, so that was nice!

Back hurts so bad today I'm ready to cry. We went swimming last night and I must have twisted wrong or something. It's sharp, nervy pain down my right side. Sitting is uncomfortable. I'm going to go for a slow, easy walk tonight and sit on the heating pad or some ice for a while. Maybe one and then the other. I should probably be icing now, but that means walking downstairs.

I'm sending the largest PayPal request I've ever sent. Wow. It's really very daunting. But it will be *such* a needed influx for the business. I can more than cover all current purchases, including the buckets of ink I just ordered *and* order the paper I need *and* purchase a goodly amount of advertising with it. That'll be very good timing as we get more Portrait Adoption work up. (Two new designs and a new artist up, btw!) Since March is traditionally the Dead Month at EMG, this is going to blow all my statistics...

Need to work on Epitome article today. Shall drop a line to Socar making sure I'm not holding her up; this could *easily* be broken into a two-part article and I can get a first part out today.

Would also like to start on a bandwidth article for Woodworks, but the day is looking pretty full of work stuff.

And I've got so many great designs to get up at EMG... Oy! It never ends. :)

And Tuesday means wombats!!

EDIT: My webpage is down! Argh! And I was just feeling all warm and fuzzy towards my host.

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