Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More play-by-play of Ellen's life

Canvas print is neeeearly done. Big one, took a few false starts to get it going. Looks absosmutely stunning, though. I can't wait to get the truly wide-format printer. At least 36". Maybe even the 48".

*taps foot*

Bored... have packed up all my projects and am ready to head home pending that last printer wheeze.

I worked on my 'How to Make Everything' article for Epitome, and it's coming along nicely. Too long, again, I think I broke 2000 words today and still have bookmarks, printing tips and some other bits to add. I don't know how anyone even made it through three pages of the last thing. It kind of boggles and baffles me that no one has commented on it (at the site). Not that any of the articles are getting comments; I saw two on the whole site when I checked yesterday. It would be nice to get feedback... maybe some discussion.

When did I become an article writer? Am I an article writer? Or am I just some sucker who can't resist a plea for material? (Though I seem to be doing a fine job resisting that one 'zine's plea... what were they called? I lost interest when I realized they were charging visitors... but not paying writers. One or the other, you can't play both sides of the fence like that. Not with my work, anyway.)

La la la...

The last inch is the worst.

Really, really, really want to get Brandy and Julsey's giftbox mailed tomorrow so Ciri can share in the fun. When are you going to be there? I have chocolate party envy in a serious way.

It's done! I'm gone!

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