Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another completely pointless entry.


Mermaid print and bookmark (laminate on way home) - remember to sign both! Re-scan mermaids.

More MS prints

Package for M&D.*** Really must be done ASAP.

Stationery for RC and ET (might wait until tomorrow - definitely must mail tomorrow!!!)

Fair booth already renewed. There was something else I needed to do today... *ponders*

I did throw together a page with a link to the signature page for EMG. And links to the various sites that everyone always loses. :) I'd mail a notice to my artists, but the panel still appears to be down. Hrm. Oh well, site seems fine, email is operational, no complaints here. (Not any loud ones, anyway!)

I get to work ALL DAY on EMG tomorrow. V. excited. Work is braced for me being gone.
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