Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My email has been down all morning! *glares around accusingly*

It's starting to put a crimp in my style, darn it. Well, at least it didn't happen tomorrow during my EMG day. I do have an appointment tomorrow with Dr DeRamus about desiging a logo for him. :) Need to sketch a little tonight. And darn it, I AM going to ask for enough money this time. For real.

I didn't work on EMG at all last night. Ain't I a slacker? (Don't answer that... I know I'm not) It was a beautiful evening, and while the sun was up, I went for a tromp in the woods and took pictures until my battery ran out. (It was chilly, wears on the batteries much more than picturing indoors) I shall attempt to post them this weekend. Then I drug the honey bucket out and dumped it and straightened up a little (very, very little), ate dinner with my sweetie, watched some TV, wrote the first paragraph of a story, and went to bed.

I'm such a chicken when it comes to forums and chatlists. I always post things and then think: that's dumb as rocks. Or possibly: oh gosh, someone could take that the wrong way and think I'm dissing them... Bleh. Shut up brain! Or I'll stab you with a pencil!

It's starting to irk me that my email still isn't working.

*is irked*

Oh wait, there's wombats today! *scuttles off*

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