Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Feeling more caught up...

Rock on!

Got a few days leeway on a big project that my printer was giving me fits over, delivered the sample pack to the library, scanned and uploaded a logo for approval, sent out the drawing (thank you for the numbers, folks, Sarah O. will probably be very grateful to Brandy for picking 19 first!), folded some cards for an order, cut out about 20 bookmarks, cleaned my printer (about six times to get rid of some streaking that was beginning to make me cry) and still got home ~7:30 to watch that 70s Show with my sweetie and then NCSI (mostly for Michael Weatherly... mmmm...). Alright, for perfect honesty, I did bookmarks during TV.

In typical Ellen-guilt, I feel horrid for complaining about work yesterday (FO). It's really a very sweet job and after all they do pay me (a great wage!) by the hour to sit around working on EMG when they don't have work for me. Gosh, gee wiz. I still won't work Friday under any circumstances, but I was just beginning to feel overwhelmed by my list of things to do and now I don't so much.

Now, they actually do have redlines for me to work on, so I shall. :)

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