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Question for you writers: Do you actually like what you've written after you've called it complete and posted it somewhere? I have this problem: I write something, think, this is good! post it, or publish it, or share it, go back and read it and think, yikes! this sucks. Inevitably. No matter how much I liked it before I let it go public, or how many times I proofread it, I am invariably displeased with it after someone else has read it, and am embarrassed to have published it. I *hate* that.

Shut up, stupid brain, and let me continue to like it!

In other news, I ordered my new printer. Should be shipped today, which means I *could* have it by the end of the week.

Oh, and Ravey, I found out why my thumbnail won't upload: somehow I only got a 1 kb file. Where's that page again, please?

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