Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Got three artists proccessed today. Not new artist pages up, but submissions sorted, accepted or declined, contracts coded, permissions granted for accessing the contracts page, added the artists to the upload site and their submissions all closed out of the submission site so they aren't cluttering things up. Not that the pages aren't all cluttered anyway... Great new work, too! V. excited about it. :)

I'm awfully happy to have such a limited window of submissions. I think I'll do this every year. Get all of this new artist grief over with in three (or four or five) months and then spend the rest of the year actually adding all that work to the site. Oy, do I have a lot of new work to get up. And make. And... must stop thinking about things I have to do! It's a sure recipe for stark madness...

A-sample-paging I go....
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