Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Woo hoo! Two new pieces up at Portrait Adoption. Three, if you haven't seen Jennie's new one. I love doing ripply-dots.

And, since I don't think I've mentioned it here, a sweatshirt sale at EMG. Probably most people aren't as keen on sweatshirts as I am, but hey, I'm excited. I swear, they air-condition this building all winter.

I ordered one of my favorite prints from Tracy Butler: Sharpeye. It's only $8! And buying things is therapy, right? I definitely need shopping therapy right about now.

I got a lot done last night but got very, very frustrated with my printer. It dragged black streaks across three Stawicki prints, big prints, which eat a lot of ink, and made me gnash my teeth and swear quietly. More to print tonight. Much, much more.

Still need to get sample package of stuff together for North Pole library. Could be a very big opportunity and I'm scrambling behind...

Very POed with a client through work. They send me drawings with broken, corrupt xrefs and expect me to recover and piece them together bit by fricking bit. Have they not heard of binding? Hello? Waste of my time...

Off to nuke lasagne...

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