Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Spent much of the day answering emails left and right. Beat my inbox back to 4 pages and answered all the adoption questions I got today. (Yay!) Had one very upset customer because I spelled her name wrong and she only got half her order (the rest was mailed separately, but on the same day). So I offered her credit at EMG and lots of embarrassed apology, and hopefully the rest of her package will get there shortly. *rubs temples*

Tired. Have much work to do tonight after... well, after work. Babysitting until 9:30.

[ ] call Dr Deramus re: logo
[ ] Sample sheets for NP Library
[ ] Mail Wish3
[ ] Prints for MS
[ ] Portrait stuffs to mail
[ ] Orders
[ ] Scan logo for Wendy
[ ] Inform work that I WILL be taking Wed off. Don't ask. Asking doesn't work.

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