Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art store oops.

I had an art store accident.

Except it wasn't *really* an accident. Sort of.

See, they had 50 percent off of Strathmore pads, and I needed more 9 x 12 bristol, so I got three pads. And their micron pens were 50 percent off, too, and I needed more 005 pens, so I got three (besides, they're always out so I was going to buy several anyway). And I saw one of those canvas pads that I want to try, nevermind that it wasn't on sale and I already have two sketched canvases at home to paint. And then, as I was on my way out, I saw a bin of $3 sweatshirts. White ones that I can put transfers on. So I bought ten. But I think I was only charged for 8 of 'em. So it was all a really, really, super good deal for just over $50. But it was still $50...

*trips away to put up a limited time sweatshirt offer up at EMG.*

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