Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Morning after...

So last night I called our house and left a miserable 'I wanted you to tell me I could come home even though I have work to do' message on our answering machine for Jake, followed by some whining and a sad 'well, I guess you aren't there so I wouldn't have much to come home for anyway...'

He sent me an email when he got home shortly later ('cause I'd gotten online to get some work done and my parents don't have dsl) with the subject "Order Dispatch 13.8" and the body:

You are to immediately stop work on your current assignment and report to (our address) with one pound of coffee beans and operating instructions for the Highway Capacity Manual.

Which I did. :P Except the HCM instructions... I was an ME, not a CE! (He's studying for his PE)

At any rate, he cheered me up and made me relax on the couch and draw (torture!) and generally have a nice evening of it. We took the test the nation IQ test and didn't do that well (he beat me by one question!), to the detriment of our pride.

We also talked a bit and I've decided that I'll get this project out for work and then demand two days off this week. I'm also going to not-so-sweetly suggest that we go back to having Wednesdays scheduled off. I got into the habit of saying, 'oh I'll take whatever day off is convenient,' which seems to equate to 'we'll see, we'll see, we'll see, oh gosh, the week is already over! Can you come in this weekend?'

So I feel much, much better today, and even being at work doesn't put much of a damper on things. It helps that I'm into the mindless stage of these things and am basically being paid to sit around and write in my LJ and I plan to go scan the art I did last night. :)


Well, the scanner isn't hooked up, so the best I can do is use the copy machine pdf-creator, which looks like crap... scans only in bitmap so all the grays are gone. Oh well! It's a fun picture, with a big waterfall and a pretty girl with lots of hair and fringe and a tree with hanging crystals. Still needs some polish work before I ink. Her boots particularly suck.

Oh, and I may have agreed to do another logo, though I have to call on Monday. It's for my eye doctor, and I owe him my vision, besides which he's the nicest guy who ever lived. I have an appointment this month some time. *fear*

I still have a ton and a half of things to do, but it doesn't feel quite so overwhelming. I'll have some time off this week to do it, and it's kind of nice working on the weekends when no one is around and I can turn on some music and order fast food. (woot!)

Next weekend I am pretty booked, but the weekend after that, I'm thinking about scheduling Friday off for ME (not EMG) and maybe painting all day. Jake and I looked into going to the Hot Springs this weekend, but heard some pretty disappointing rumors about the service and worse, the sanitary conditions of the resort. I guess the water's not being treated correctly? The wife of someone Jake knows got a horrible infection of certain nether parts after soaking there. That's enough to keep me away, which is terribly, terribly disappointing.

Anywho, blah blah blah, you guys all are wonderful and I love you very much.

I'm going to go make the membership agreement and adoption certificate into a pdf and maybe we can get PA opened up today. :)

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