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Yays and not-yays.

Yay! Another portrait adopted! Yay!

Get to do cool arty stuff at work today, Yay!

Probably have to work this weekend, not-so-Yay!

Way behind on everything, not-so-Yay!

New print paper is quite nice, Yay!

Okay, there's only so much of that I can do. It's been a good morning! I wussed out last night and only worked until about 7, though I bagged up Wish3 watching Firefly later. I'm going to send these in bubble-packaging. I stuffed one in a priority envelope and had second thoughts about how safe it would be. These are signed and special, so I think I can spend an extra few cents on sturdy packaging. The open editions are replaceable, if they get mangled in the mail, but these would be tough to replace.

The forum at Portrait Adoption is back up! Yay! And it's much, much cooler than before. Jennie and I decided it was actually very good timing that it crashed, 'cause this way we had a reason to upgrade before the boards got too busy. And now, we get avatars. :) Must make avatar...

It occurred to me yesterday that my journal must be seriously, seriously boring to anyone who doesn't share my obsession with fantasy art and my own business, writing and art projects. It also occurred to me that this is really the only place I talk about it. Most people in real life only have the vaguest idea that I even have a business and aren't sure what it is or does. In real life, I'm a computer geek... the spacey, skinny girl who can solve program errors and can get most projects done in an hour flat if you leave her alone. People know I'm 'arty' and come to me with color matching questions, but I doubt many of them have actually seen anything but my building renderings... which none of you have probably seen. It is a little like I'm two (or six) separate people. And I feel so *awkward* explaining my business to people. "Hi, I draw huge fuzzy unicorns and make mousepads." They look at me like I'm crazy and I'm pretty sure they're at least partly right.

My watch was too tight and now my hand is all tingly.

Okay, I need a snack.

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