Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Next WW article in the queue... (and other stuff)

How Wide is the Band? (Graphic of someone with a tape measure around various puzzled looking band-members...) Everything that everyone else wants *you* to know about bandwidth.

Found more sites hotlinking EMG graphics. Shall smite. Gently. Mostly they just screw up my site statistics.

Printing Wish3. Tired and ready to go home. Feeling hack artist-ish, overworked, underpaid and darn near cold-chills-terrified of my list of things to do. Why oh why oh why do I agree to do things?

Don't mind the red-head in the corner. She's just doing her usual February flirt with burnout.

My right ear has been ringing most irritatingly since this morning, accompanied by a mild headache and some minor back and shoulder pain.

Had great fun at gaming, must knock heads with the GM about what I've told him re: time crystals, 'cause I honestly don't remember! That was a couple-a years ago that I wrote up my character sheet, and I've done some major world-revisions since then.

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