Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

No squirrels!

Must. Not. Be. Catty.

It's not their fault they're ignorant idiots. Really.

I keep *thinking* I've finished the PA contract and remembering little picky details. Like payment. Yah, that would be a good thing to add. But I've read it through a dozen or so times now and not had more than a few grammatical corrections, so this could be it.

Working late. Yay, overtime. (Paycheck was sweet, then the loving husband dangled his in front of my face. Which was of course larger without overtime... BastardstateworkergrumblehastorubitinIstilllovehim)

ciri made her own friday five, which I haven't answered in a while anyway.

1) How long have you had a LiveJournal and/or blog?
Ah... just over two years, I think! (Edit: Wow! Started this in 03 of 2001, which means it's been over three years!)

2) Why did you get one (other than your friends were doing it)?
Peer pressure, man. They made me. (Okay, one person asked me if I had one. It could have been songblade, but I don't remember for sure.)

3) Does your journal present an honest picture of yourself, or are you self-censored?
I am seriously self-censored in everything that I am and do. This might be the least self-censored that I get.

4) Have you ever had a problem with other people online, i.e. cyber stalking or harassment?
Actually, I've had far, far fewer problems online than I have IRL. I'm not sure I've ever been harassed online, actually. Unless you call that genius who applied to EMG with the online equivalent of turrets syndrome "harassment." He went away when I told him he could conduct himself in a less-offensive manner or get lost. He did call me an uptight bitch before he got lost, but hey.

5) One interesting thing about yourself I don't know.
Ah... erm... I can bend my wrist to touch my thumb to my forearm!

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