Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Quiz results...

Answers to the quiz. (Take it first, if you haven't!)

What is Ellen Million's real name?

Ellen Million. No, really. I tagged Jake's surname onto the end when we got married, but I was born with the name Ellen Million and still use it for art and business.

How long has EMG been around?

Her ten-year birthday was last October. :)

What is EMG?

An online fantasy art business. Duh!

What's Ellen's favorite drink?

Coke! I think I gave partial credit for milk, and root beer floats and maybe coffee, 'cause I do like those.

What fandoms does Ellen currently dabble in?

Pern and Elfquest. I used to write Dark Angel fic, but only until it got stupid after season 2. I haven't even read or watched past the first Harry Potter. I'm not super active in EQ anymore, but still do a little.

Ellen detests the following small creatures:

Squirrels. I might have given one or two points for bugs, but shrews and mice and rats are okay in my book. I detest squirrels. They are loud, obnoxious, cute enough to get away with stuff and have lots of fans, they chew through everything, they crapped all over the inside of a storage cabin we had and chewed up some clothing and I hate them forever. Die, squirrels, die. Oh, and they pose for adorable pictures but run away just as you try to snap the shot.

Ellen's real life degree is in:

Mechanical Engineering, emphasis on aerospace. I am a rocket scientist. Honest. I was mechanical team leader of the student rocket project and I managed the machine shop. I did get a minor in art, and I considered a minor in physics but had too much to do.

Ellen lives in...

If you didn't get this one, I'll be *really* surprised. Alaska, of course.

Ellen's exercise of choice is:

Swimming. I can't jog anymore, I'm kind of clumsy at skiing and generally end up hurting myself. Snowshoeing might have been a close second, but I didn't offer that as a choice.

Which ones stumped you?

Too fun...

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