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Thursday means wombats, too.

Some 'how well do you know me' test is here: http://ellenmillion.friendtest.com Some of the questions are gimmees. I flubbed making the test and lost the last question, so I'm not sure what score you can actually get, but enjoy anyway! I'll post the answers someday, in case you don't want to give them your email.

To do today: call North Pole library after 11 AM about donating old-style bookmarks to their convention, update announcement list with all the new EMG pretties. (I even updated product pages yesterday! How cool is that? It's getting easy now that I've picked up almost all the keyword additions, and now that all the old entries are updated. As long as I'm at home where the darn templates are... so craving a centralized office.) More stuff I'll think of later in the day...

Everyone's getting snow, and we did, too, but only about an inch. I was hoping for more. It's pretty and sparkly 'cause it's clear today. Wish I'd brought my camera in. Not least of all because darn it, I wanted to take pictures of the t-shirts I made yesterday... they look SO nice. (Fairy Lace on purple and Dreaming Wave on dk blue, plus some white shirts) I am making a ton of shirts to bring to the fair this year.

Nearly 600 unique visitors to emg yesterday (doesn't include portrait adoption, since that has its own subdomain... it got 122.). That's a pretty good jump, and I'm not sure where they came from... records show most hits from search engines, which is pretty standard, but the numbers don't account for all those people. No odd files getting huge hits that indicates that someone's hot-linked something, either. *puzzled* Not that I'm complaining, just wish that they'd order. :P

What's something funny that you might buy used from a neighbor?

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