Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Nothing about squirrels here.

It's Monday. Woo hoo.

Very good weekend, dropped Wish3 off to be printed this morning, so I should have the 'meat' of the limited editions and the two sets that were ordered when I go home tonight. Have a rush order to get out today, must press over lunch. Eoz, Sonata's already a hit! Sold a pack of cards yesterday. :) (And boy oh boy, do they look great... I haven't raved lately about the new card printing, but hot dang, it's fantastic!) Three or four other orders ready to mail.

Still haven't mailed Christmas presents. Gah...

Working on the Portrait Adoption paperwork between stretching lines in AutoCAD at work today. My last sticky point is sales of originals by the artist as an independent action.

Okay, that's worked out, just needed to do some out-loud thinking. Now to muck with the right wording... and figure out the pricing table.

I got art time this weekend, and finished coloring a simple face portrait and sketched-through-inked another piece in the style of the last two big inks I did. This one has more ripple-dots, and lots and lots of fluffy impractical hair. I'm not letting myself post 'em until I get the wrinkles worked out for getting more artists involved.

Reminds me, I need to go bug the last portrait adopter about payment.

Trying to figure out the spam-ethics behind answering 'help me' posts. See, lots and lots and lots of people post at forums and such with queries about 'how do I price my work,' etc. Is answering those with a link to my page spam? What if I'm not really active in the community? What about posting requests for submissions? I debate this stuff endlessly with myself.

Got a bunch of new artists set up at the submission site. Yay!

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