Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I love Saturdays...

It's been a relaxing, arty kinda day with suprisingly good productivity. The new cover paper is great... dries very fast. :) Spitting out Wish3 covers now. Have an hour to get the job to Dateline, getting as many orders as possible out before that deadline. Have Woodworks magnets to magnet-ize, and some t-shirts to print, and some cards, and... some more cards, and some stationery, and jeez... just a lot to do. Printer's being hogged with covers, though. One of these days, I'll get two set up, so I can remove the pizza wheels from one and dedicate it to sensitive prints. And be more productive overall.

Got up ~10, after a very nice, long morning cuddling with the hubby, made coffee, lazed around watching bits of Matilda and eating yummy bacon-egg-creamcheese muffins. Showered and did a load of laundry. Went to the Ceramics Your Way store and painted on ceramics for a couple of hours. Made a waterbowl with fishes for Velcro and snagged a slightly chipped small square dish off the discount table to practice northern lights on. We'll see how they come out! I made a butter dish a few weeks back that turned out just smashing... looked like something out of a high priced catalog, white with dark green accents and ivy painted around it. Then bopped over to Safeway, where between Karen and I, we bought $75.39 worth of Stauffers. They're having a special where if you get to $300 in Stauffers purchases, you get a free freezer. It's particular though, you have to buy them in $75 chunks. So we're shopping together for a bit to get us a freezer, since we need one anyway. It's good timing all around, 'cause Karen's disseration is in four weeks, so she's not real hot on cooking for a while here.

(Moron, Ellen! It's not printing 'cause you only sent one copy! *fixes*)

Yay! I remembered the disc from work! Still on dial-up here, so I gotta do my downloading elsewhere.

Looking at a couple of Big, Lucrative offers and wondering if they will go through or head the way of most of the Big, Lucrative offers I get. Hopeful, at least. Am ready to have a end-date on this juggling-day-job-and-business thing. (Not that one job or even three would do that, but ya know, progress...)

Looking forward to a nice, quiet evening. I'll be back in the office tomorrow before gaming to finish up these orders.

Oh, and Yay! Another portrait got adopted! Yay!

*eyeballs clock* Hurry up, printer...

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