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Where else...

...can you go out to the outhouse and watch moose wandering around in the snow after morning coffee?

Probably a two-or-three year-old. Didn't see mom. Was a little far off to get any good pictures. Speak of which, I have some!

This guy has been gathering dust under my drafting table. I don't *think* I've shown it off before.

Pencil on bristol, want to do this in inks.

I'm looking forward to starting these!

Basically, I took pictures whenever I remembered to. I wouldn't say these are any particular stages or anything, just me blobbing paint on a little canvas. I also didn't take any great pains to get good views... I was painting standing up, and was much more interested in painting whatever I could while my back was behaving than in snapping perfect photos. Watermarked and smallish and unfinished to conform to Portrait Adoption rules and regs. I've still got more detail work to do in her hair and on her clothing, in particular. I'm not at all convinced that the shoulder decorations work, and I've also painted around the edges to continue the picture, which turned out very cool! I've done a lot more finish work on her face since these photos...

Maybe when it's lighter I'll take some birch forest photos.

And Velcro!

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