Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Already a crazy day.

Need an EMG web-day. In a bad way...

Did get some sketching on those canvases last night, a sexy winged cat-girl-creature for the artboard, and a rather sad looking portrait for one of the little stretched canvases. Not sure how to finish that last one... the first is looking well composed and has fun stuff like draped fabric and feathers and stone. Haven't decided whether to make a blue sky background or a broken stone sort-a thing. Broken stone is more fun, but blue sky is more forgiving in terms of lighting... and I've never painted broken stone. Of course, I've also never successfully painted draped fabric, or even drawn a good cat girl, so this is all one big gamble. I'll take pictures before I paint.

Would far rather be painting now. Maybe I can get some writing time in; I haven't written anything fictional in a dogs age. Though I did find Time Bubbles to send to Catie for review the other night. And didn't send it. *kicks self*

I smell like Vanilla today, in a remarkable streak of personal hygiene. Showered (I do manage this, usually), but also put in my contacts this morning and slathered on a generous layer of vanilla body lotion. I've been dry and itchy lately. So I smell good today and have no glasses. I even brushed my hair! Wow!

Now really, I'm not generally looking like a scarecrow when I go out, but I do have a very, very, very low maintenance kinda look.

Got a heart-warming note on a mailing list of old high-school/Elfquest fan friends remembering the last 'zine that I put out. :) And Tia remembers me playing the piano. Gosh... it was so long ago.

And, you artists, sooner is better for submitting!! HINT. Don't make me come hunt you down...

Turns out that Nils speaks Swedish... I'll have someone to practice with. :)

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