Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Random weekend rambles...

Glorious weekend!

Didn't work at all, not even on EMG, though I did spend an hour or so editing my article for Epitome. (They hadn't handed me back any edits, so I did my own, 'cause I'm never satisfied with anything I've done and I had a moment of panic that it was going to be published exactly as I'd jotted it down in rough form! Only found a handful of things to fix; a couple of run-on sentences and repetitive word use.)

I drew. And drew and drew and drew and I feel fabulous. I finished two complicated inked portraits with full backgrounds for adoption and have most of the pencils done on a third. I'm enormously *pleased* with these pieces and hope to scan them in tonight and post them. Lots and lots of dots. Probably millions of 'em. I need to buy a new pen... I've been abusing my poor 005 and it's about to die. I never use pens to their absolute death anymore... they start behaving poorly and I mess stuff up and get mad. Rar!

I also worked on two logos, and got reasonably finished pencils on both, just need to get feedback from the clients before inking. I am unreasonably tempted to just ink the stinking things as-is and tell them to take it or leave it...

I also finished watching Firefly and promptly started over from the beginning. That was an excellent show! A ton of loose endings, of course, so it doesn't feel nearly 'ended' enough, but what great characters and witty writing. Marvelous world-building, too. And yeah, I loved Jayne's hat. :) What's the scoop on the movie? Is it going to finish up the story? (Who's the preacher really? Does Inara leave? What can River actually do?) Or is it going to be a long episode out of the middle somewhere?

Orders to get out tonight... will be working until 6:30 (not working this weekend means everything is behind, however I feel not even 1% bad, 'cause we're still ahead of the architects. Huh.), then going to my sisters and working on EMG until 9 or 10. Probably 10... got a bunch of orders to get out. Including Woodworks stuff, ciri will be happy to know. Post office isn't open today, rats. Need to pick up the cover paper.

Hopefully today we'll continue to stay ahead of the architects and I can get the rest of those stinking card services posted and do a post to the mailing list. The new front page is up. Doesn't look nearly as good as it could, but it's still an improvement. As long as the progress is forward, right?

Beautiful stuff coming into the submission site. Desperately need to clean up and burn more discs of uploaded print files. Past due for major webpage backup, too. Need to work on Adoption paperwork.

Have I mentioned how cool it is having ample disc space at EMG? Very psyched about that.

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