Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Work is going to be a bear today, I know it... Photoshop is hosing up all over the place, FOUR projects (including a colorboard) go out today (yah, right) and everyone's been pulling late hours all over the place, so we're all tired and a little punch drunk.

Woodworks February is out. Yay. *waves little flag*

Damn... progress bar on Photoshop has screeched to a halt. If I lost the changes I just made I'm going to scream.

(false alarm, *whew*)

Tonight, work late. It looks like we might not have to work this weekend if we make a big push today, which would be very nice, 'cause mostly weekend work isn't overtime if I end up taking a day or two off during the week (Week *starts* on Saturday, according to them). Tomorrow night is good hockey, so I'll work on EMG then. Sunday, either gaming or going to the Hot Springs to snowshoe and soak.

Cute shoes. Gotta think about the cute shoes. They make me happy! They also keep me from sitting on my foot, a very bad habit of mine, which is much better for my back.

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