Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I swear, I must invite misery...

What did I manage to do today? Slip down the last three steps to the basement at my parents house. Right wrist hurts, pride much abused and back going 'erk...!'

Maybe I shouldn't wander around in stocking feet.

I feel an icing coming on, and am pretty bummed at myself 'cause I doubt I'll finish up the card services tonight at this point, and I really, really, really wanted to get that announced up in time to allow orders to arrive by Valentine's day.... :(

My sister, feeling badly for my latest fall, I think, just brought me biscotti and tea at the computer. :) She's a sweetheart.

I *did* get some stuff done today, two orders mostly finished, a couple of oddsandends items that have been waiting around to be finished up, and I ordered some cover paper and dealt with the stupid bank. Had to break down and pull money out of the studio fund... after paying artists, I was out of cash to cover the new card paper and the cover paper. I have an obscene amount of (blank) stock right now, on the up side... just need to get people to buy it. Dragon*Con is a distinct /maybe/ at this point, it's just not shaping up to be a good year when you take into account the fact that the house has to be finished and rolled into a morgage by October. *sigh*

I need hot springs...

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