Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*yawn* Just thinking out loud...

Slept blissfully until 8:30, woke up sure I'd heard the cat knock something bad over, stumbled around trying to find it until I decided it had only been a dream, went back to bed until 11.

Felt good to catch up on sleep.

It's 2 now, and I'm trying to decide on a day-long gameplan.

I have to be at my sister's house ~6:00-6:15. I have to get bookmarks laminated before 6. I should try to get orders out before 4, but I'm not going to cry if that doesn't happen. Jake has hockey tonight. I might be able to pick up my ceramics today. (Should call) NEED to get the card services finished, re-compile the stupid product pages (ought to find a better way to do these...), and announce changes to the list. Still haven't changed the shopping cart values for the cards, but that gets to wait until Monday.

So... into town now. (Car's been plugged in)
Stop by Dateline and drop off bookmarks.
Head across town and get ceramics. :)
Pick up bookmarks on the way back.
Fill orders. If 4 comes and goes, no biggy.
Scan stuff and make new webgraphics.
Upload them, catch up on adding products next week.
~6:30, if Jake hasn't called, head back home. If Jake has called... debate going to hockey w/ him. Eh...
Maybe put up eBay auction if I've gotten the right webstuff done. (Went to put one up last night and was too appalled by older graphics to go through with it... some of those older graphics just SUCK.)

And somewhere in there, work on the Feb cover. And answer 6 zillion emails. Hmm... Those may have to wait. I can't do everything today.

Had relaxing evening last night, watched the first episode of Firefly (*squee!!*) and finished Woodworks Anthology cover. May scan today.

Have promised myself not to complain about my back.

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