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I think I'm going nuts... *bangs head on keyboard.*

No, I'm not going nuts, and I'm not getting senile... I've just got too much *stuff* to keep track of and my system has got to be adjusted again. I sometimes miss the days when I had all of my artists in neat, tidy package in my brain. I had most of their addresses memorized (could *certainly* tell you what state they lived it), could rattle off all of their pieces, tell you personal details about their lives, recognized their handwriting, and could recall in detail our last three correspondences. Now, I find myself blinking at a title and thinking 'what the heck is that piece? I sell that? Who are these people?' Not often, but often enough.

I'm definitely out of steam. I was starting to reorder the product pages, and discovered a whole swath of entries I hadn't caught with the card sending service update. Geeeeez... Now I'm not sure I'm going to get them all caught up tonight. I'm really, really tempted to call it a night. My practical side says 'Jake is at hockey, there's no better time possible to get a lot of webwork done on his skookum computer...' My 'Catie-will-glare-at-me' side says I'd better be good to myself and it's really okay to take a Friday night off...

My middle ground is to take pictures of the finished mermaid piece. Hah hah!


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