Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million



Must pick up catfood before clinic closes. Check time.
Must go to post office and mail (2) packages.
Must pick up from home office: Vannessa's originals info, RWH tarot disc.
Must pick up milk, drop off prescription, get breakfast sandwiches and bread.

Once home:

~Must refresh all product pages.
~New Splash Page (half done - still need printing service graphics and a little discrete personal graphic. Not super happy with it, and I know any one of you could do something splashier with your pinkies ties behind your hands, but eh... it's better than it was...)
~Note to mailing list with all the groovy new additions: new designs, card sending service, portrait adoption, submissions once again open...
~RWH Tarot

Rats, no time to scan in mermaids at the office. Maybe photograph... Would LOVE to work on Woodworks Feb cover tonight for a few hours...

Back has had a few twinges this afternoon, and I'm getting HUNGRY.

*chews on random people*

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