Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Card Sending Goodness

Done! With adding card sending services to everything, at least. And I'll give anyone who sees this the same deal I'll be offering my updates list: you can get free shipping on a reasonable amount of magnets and stickers with the card service! I think it'd be an awesome little gift for someone; a personalized card with a few stickers or magnets tucked inside. And free shipping - anywhere in the world! You can't beat that. (The big magnets get heavy, so probably only one or two of those will fit.)

Some new Valentines designs up at EMG.

Desperately need to update product pages (and those pesky artist-pages that aren't for some reason auto-updating: mine, Sylvers and Hanna's).

Time for Splash Page goodness now. I love slow days at work...
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